Regarding Düsseldorf 6 is the 6th installment of the already award-winning exhibition series of the 701 e.V. association. Since 2005, 701 e.V. has been showing selected views of young art at different exhibition venues - one of the main aims of this initiative, which aims to make Düsseldorf an attractive place for artists to live and produce.

from 1.10 to 13.11.2011


Ali Altin, Özlem Altin, Andreas Bunte, Felix Burger, Yvonne CorneliusStefan Hablützel, Sarah-Jane Hoffmann, Liv Schwenk, Stefan Theissen, Herbert Willems

Pia Witzmann

The Regarding exhibitions, curated by Pia Witzmann, bring together works from the fields of painting, sculpture, installation, video and photography by artists whose biographies are linked to the Düsseldorf Art Academy or who are biographically connected to the Rhineland. So far, more than 80 artists have been able to show their work in Regarding exhibitions. Many of them have since been awarded scholarships and art prizes.

The central concern of this exhibition is to present the diversity of artistic potential and the different approaches to visual art. Complex structures of artistic practice become visible and cast a spotlight on local art production. As much emphasis is placed on the interplay of the artistic contributions as on the quality of the individual works.

With the current exhibition Regarding Düsseldorf 6, the association 701 e.V. is once again a guest at KIT – Kunst im Tunnel. The invited artists will redevelop a large part of their works for the special spatial situation in the KIT.