6 April – 18 May 2008

Galerie arteversum, Jahnstraße 71, Düsseldorf

Thomas Arnolds, Tim Berresheim, Oliver Blum, Björn Dressler, Daniela Georgieva, Ketonge, Nesha Nikolic, Stefanie Popp, Gregor Russ, Anja Schrey, Jörn Stoya, Thomas Stricker, Chris Succo

Pia Witzmann

With the kind support of:
arteversum, BBDO Düsseldorf, Ernst & Young, Klüh Service Management,  National-BankAG, RölfsPartner, Schmolz+Bickenbach

The central concern of the exhibition Regarding Düsseldorf 3 was to present the diversity of artistic potential and the different approaches to visual art. Complex structures of artistic practice became visible and cast a spotlight on local art production. As much emphasis was placed on the interplay of the artistic contributions as on the quality of the individual works. The choreography of the exhibition worked out correspondences and contrasts, established harmonious but also disharmonious references and connections.

Formally, the spectrum was wide. Complex installations, large-scale, elaborately executed works, experimental design and meticulous precision work reflected the most diverse approaches, which testify to the transformation in the process of creation, to a constantly changing engagement with the work, as well as to the subversion of reception expectations and the play with the seemingly frivolous; to symbolic interiority and cultural vision as well as to concentrated wandering and successful failure of the staged. The autonomy of the artistic standpoint was thus placed in a context in which divergence could certainly be discovered as enrichment.

Changing exhibition venues are a characteristic feature of 701. Regarding 1, for example, took place in vacant office space of just under 200 square metres, while Regarding Düsseldorf 3 – as Regarding 2 – was held in the 750-square-metre hall of the arteversum gallery in Jahnstraße.

The documentation of the exhibition is available at 701 e.V.