REGARDING DÜSSELDORF 2 Junge Kunst in Düsseldorf 4. Februar bis 25. März 2007

arteversum, Jahnstr. 71, Düsseldorf

Pia Witzmann

Klara Adam, I-Shu Chen, Vanessa Conte, Ruslan Daskalov, Florian Dietrich, Lutz Driessen, Katharina Jahnke, Hyojin Jeong, Anna K.E., Markus Karstieß, Florian Meisenberg, Natasza Niedziolka, Katharina Schmitt, Leonid Sokhranski, Henning Straßburger, Shigeru Takato, Jan Wagner, Viktoria Wehrmeister, Ming-Ming Yin

With kindly support of:
arteversum, BBDO Düsseldorf, KPMG, National-Bank, Schmolz + Bickenbach KG

With the exhibition project Regarding Düsseldorf 2, Initiative 701 continues the exhibition series begun in spring 2005. Regarding Düsseldorf 1 brought together artistic positions from the fields of painting, sculpture, installation, video and photography by 30 young artists whose biographies are closely linked to the Düsseldorf Art Academy.

Regarding Düsseldorf 2 is also dedicated to this theme and shows current positions of Düsseldorf as an art location with its active, multi-layered and energetic art scene, a scene whose existence is due in no small part to the extraordinary teaching offered by the Kunstakademie with its numerous internationally renowned artists and lecturers. Regarding Düsseldorf 2 builds on the great response to the first exhibition and presents an equally multi-layered concept with new artistic positions from the fields of painting, sculpture, installation, video and photography.

The exhibition is deliberately intended as a platform for non-established young art, one of the main concerns of Initiative 701, which would like to continue to help make Düsseldorf an attractive place for artists to live and produce in the future.

Whereas the first exhibition was held in vacant office space of just under 2,000 square metres, Regarding Düsseldorf 2 takes place in the exhibition hall of the arteversum gallery, which gives the presentation a different character. The changing exhibition venues are a characteristic feature of Initiative 701. Since the available exhibition space of 750 sqm is smaller than in Regarding 1, the selection of artists is limited to 19 participants this time.

Regarding 2 once again focuses on artists from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf with a mixture of graduates who have already completed their studies for some time and students who will continue to study for some time or are about to graduate. The central concern of the exhibition is to present the diversity of artistic potential and the different approaches to visual art. Complex structures of artistic practice become visible and cast a spotlight on local art production.

Artists from the various academy classes of e.g. Peter Doig, Georg Herold, Rita McBride, Albert Oehlen, Tal R as well as from former classes of e.g. Gerhard Merz and Klaus Rinke are represented. In addition to the complex structure of artistic positions, another focus is on the choreography of the entire exhibition. The interplay of the artistic contributions shows correspondences and contrasts in harmonious but also disharmonious reference.

With the kind support of arteversum, BBDO Düsseldorf, KPMG, National-Bank and Schmolz + Bickenbach KG.

The documentation of the exhibition is available at 701 e.V.