The exhibition "ReferenzRäume" provides a comprehensive overview of the work of the internationally renowned conceptual artist who works in public space.

Mischa Kuball

Mischa Kuball gives the members of 701 a personal tour of his exhibition – what a great afternoon. It was great – thank you Mischa Kuball.

Primarily using light of various wave ranges, Mischa Kuball explores architectural spaces and their social and political discourses with installations, performances, photography and projections. In doing so, he reflects – in a double sense – the different dimensions of cultural and historical structures. He sees himself as a conceptual artist working in different media and spaces.

Since 2007 Mischa Kuball has held the only professorship in Germany for public art / art in public space at the KHM Academy of Media Arts in Cologne and is also an associate professor for media art at the Hochschule für Gestaltung / ZKM, Karlsruhe. (