The quality of art journalism has become rarer. Yet it makes an essential contribution to bringing art to the centre of society and to giving orientation to processes of understanding about art. Currently, it is threatened by such radically profound changes due to the digital transformation that the question of its future arises.

In the first part of our talk “Art Journalism and the Digital Transformation – Crisis or Opportunity”, the journalist Dr. Christiane Hoffmans (Welt am Sonntag) and the journalist Patrick Bahners (FAZ) discussed the current situation of art journalism with the moderator Alex Iwan. Their valuable decades of experience in the media industry were very informative for us in analysing the current situation.

In a next step, the head of the investigative department Handelsblatt Media Group Sönke Iwersen and the chief curator of the Museum de Fundatie Ralph Keuning formulated strategies and approaches that will ensure the quality of art reviews in the future and which alternative formats on TV and the internet will complement the coverage and at the same time make it more interesting for an audience of millions.

How does art reporting remain relevant for exhibition houses and where does its social significance lie? How can the crisis of digitalisation become an opportunity?

Finally, there was a stimulating discussion between the speakers and the guests – an inspiring, very interesting evening.

We thank everyone who contributed to the success.