With this new format, 701 e.V. would like to present for the first time special art locations worldwide. The numerical sequence 40,075, a reference to the circumference of the earth, not only serves as a starting point for a far-reaching, global view into the world of art, but at the same time critically reflects on its own Eurocentric perspective.

The first talk of ‘Global Voices of Art’ is dedicated to the art metropolis Istanbul.

Everyone was talking about it a few years ago, but recently it has become quieter around the Turkish city on the Bosporus. But the impression is deceptive, for despite the social changes, despite the pandemic and the economic crisis, the art scene continues to unfold and even the Istanbul art trade is currently experiencing a newly awakened interest from the Arab world. Traditionally, the private involvement of gallery owners and collector families such as Sabanci and Koç has played an important role, as evidenced by the numerous galleries and impressive private museums. In September 2022, for example, the new building of the ‘Istanbul Modern’, founded in 2004 and designed by star architect Renzo Piano, will open, at the time the first private museum for contemporary art in Istanbul.

Ekrem Yalcindag (*1964), one of the best-known contemporary Turkish artists from Istanbul, will be the guest at the opening event of ‘Global Voices of Art’. Yalcindag, who first studied in Izmir and later at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main with Hermann Nitsch (master student) and Thomas Bayrle, will give a very topical account of Istanbul as an art city and explain the reasons for its continuing success. The discussion will be moderated by Detmar Westhoff.