With an exciting panel discussion as part of the new Düsseldorf Talks series, the members and friends of the association spent the New Year's Reception 2017 in the beautiful premises of Hogan Lovells on the 22nd floor in the Sky Office.

The recently concluded exhibition on Dorothee and Konrad Fischer at the Kunstsammlung NRW was taken as an opportunity to discuss the current situation of the art market. Thirty years after Konrad Fischer’s death, it is interesting to ask how the art business has changed. For example, how have the determining players changed, what are their values and who defines what art is today?

In conversation with the moderator, Dr. Susanne Schreiber, editor in charge of the art market at Handelsblatt were:

Ben Kaufmann: “Failed at success” was the headline of DIE ZEIT when the up-and-coming young Berlin gallery owner Ben Kaufmann closed his gallery at the end of 2011 and became director of the Neuer Aachener Kunstverein in 2013. With Ben Kaufmann, we have invited someone who has changed sides.

Dr. Ingo Klöcker: The collector from the Rhine-Main area no longer regards the gathering of works of art as a purely private passion, but as a form of social participation. His collection has already attained museum status.

Leiko Ikemura: The artist, who is equally appreciated in Europe and Asia, takes a clear position when it comes to the relationship of the art business to women artists.