The 'Blue-Green Ring' is intended as a unique cultural and strolling mile connecting the open space and the art and cultural institutions of the state capital. Starting from the Rhine ("Blue"), an arc will be drawn through Düsseldorf's centre ("Green") with Ehrenhof, Kunstakademie, Hofgarten, Opera, Kö, Ständehaus (K21), Schwanenspiegel and on to Spee'schem Graben and the banks of the Rhine.

After a long break from the Corona, Kunstverein 701 would like to invite you to a discussion about the winning design of the prize-winning team for the vision of a Blue-Green Ring.

Over the past 20 years, there have often been discussions about how to connect the art mile from the Ehrenhof to the K21. On the initiative of Lord Mayor Thomas Geisel, an international competition with citizen participation was announced at the end of 2018. Building on our first round of talks in June 2019 with Lord Mayor Thomas Geisel and Prof. Karl-Heinz Petzinka on the objectives and procedures of the competition, we now have the opportunity to present the winning design in person and discuss it with our guests.

On Thursday, 3 September 2020, we welcomed Juliane von Herz (curator and part of the winning team Raumwerk GmbH, Frankfurt, with Seehof Gesellschaft für Kunst im urbanen Raum, Frankfurt). She presented the design “Flow”, which was awarded 1st prize by the jury, and discussed it with the panelists Uwe-Jens Ruhnau (Senior Regional Editor Düsseldorf of the Rheinische Post) and Felix Krämer (General Director and Artistic Director of the Stiftung Museum Kunstpalast) under the moderation of Marcel Abel (Managing Director of Jones Lang LaSalle SE).

Unlike our last talks on art, this one took place in the historic and listed premises of the Alte Kämmerei Düsseldorf. We would like to thank the new owner, Art-Invest GmbH, who made this extraordinary venue available to us for this event.