Cosima Hawemann, Marjolein Knottenbelt, Bärbel Möllmann, Ulrike Möschel, Benita Mylius, Mark van Overeem, Annabelle Schatteman, Christian Theiß

Julia Ritterskamp

In the context of the exhibition, four artists from The Hague and four from the Rhineland deal with the moment of “tipping”, which always means uncertainty. Uncertainty with regard to past and future, perception, norms and goals. This moment can feel threatening, but it can also be immensely interesting. In any case, it is the opposite of stagnation. The artists explore this state with different formal languages and across all media. The result is a pictorial communication between the individual works and between the work and the viewer. So step into this picture with us!

Peter Schuurman, Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Düsseldorf