Graduate of the Düsseldorf Art Academy Studied with Franka Hörnschemeyer, Ellen Gallagher and Rita McBride Winner of the Provinzial Rheinland Art Scholarship 2020

Rebekka Benzenberg says of her work:

“What we consider humane is a normative regulation of social behaviour that is not constant. The restrictions and exclusions that these regulations bring about are as variable as the basic idea on which they are based.

Conventions and their symbols and codes are dynamic.

I work with materials that stand for and can be read as codes for social and societal phenomena. I mainly work installatively with materials and sound from the everyday, which offer a high range of associations that create access through recognition despite the new assignment.

You can find the interview Vielleicht rettest Du mich – Im Gespräch mit Rebekka Benzenberg at: