From Renoir to Monet to Gauguin - in 2022, on the occasion of its 100th anniversary at the Essen location, the Museum Folkwang will show its outstanding collection of late Impressionist art founded by Karl Ernst Osthaus (1874-1921) in dialogue with the collection of Kōjirō Matsukata (1866-1950).

Co-curator of the exhibition, Rebecca Herlemann, guided us through this wonderful exhibition and had a lot to tell us about the works and the overall exhibition planning. Many thanks for this great and exciting insight.

Detmar Westhoff, initiator of the exhibition and board member of 701 originally wanted to take over the tour, but had to cancel at very short notice due to illness.

Detmar Westhoff: “I would have liked to report on the first negotiations with the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo, to introduce you to this wondrous collector from Japan and to explain why French Impressionism in particular is so beloved in Japan. I therefore recommend that you read this interview with the journalist CF Schröder and the article by Ms Schürmann in the appendix, both published shortly before the exhibition opening. You can read more about the personality of the collector Kojiro Matsukata in my contribution to the exhibition catalogue.”