15. April - 3. July 2005 The exhibition "Regarding Düsseldorf" in an office building at Jahnstraße 3 in Düsseldorf marked the start of the activities of 701.

»DIFA-Raum für Kunst«, Jahnstr. 3, Düsseldorf

Pia Witzmann

In this exhibition, curator Pia Witzmann showed young positions from the context of the Düsseldorf Art Academy. 30 young artists were given the opportunity to present their work in two office floors (about 1500 square metres). The majority of the artists responded to the special conditions of the space in the realisation of their works, thus creating new perspectives.

Yesim Akdeniz Graf, Tobias Brembeck, Lars Breuer, Julia Bünnagel,Natalie Czech, Robert Elfgen, Sebastian Freytag, Manuel Graf, Gesine Grundmann, Owen Gump, Thea Gvetadze, Tobias Hantmann, Paul Hartmann (Saskia Paul + Marc Hartmann), Simon Hemmer, Kirsten Hinkler, Margarete Jakschik, Tamara K.E., Jan Kämmerling, Takeshi Makishima, Jan Meier, Almut Middel, Bernadette Mittrup, Guido Münch,Gerda Scheepers, Felix Schramm, Max Schulze, Marc Stamer, Monika Stricker, Sarah Szczesny, Lee Thomas Taylor

The exhibition space and the financial means to realise the works as well as the exhibition were generously provided by DIFA Deutsche Immobilienfonds AG. Under the motto “DIFA space for art”, DIFA supported young talents from Düsseldorf and at the same time presented itself as a newly acquired patron of art and culture in Düsseldorf.