KONSORTIUM is an exhibition space at Ackerstraße 65 in Düsseldorf, which has been run by the artists since 2004. For the group exhibition "AUTOPILOT", the operators of KONSORTIUM have invited various artists who have already been shown in the exhibition space.


23. July – 18. September 2005

Gerry Weber Halle, Düsseldorf

For the group exhibition Autopilot, 701 invited the artists Lars Breuer, Sebastian Freytag, Jan Kämmerling and Guido Münch to initiate a project in the Gerry Weber Halle in Düsseldorf with artists from Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and New York.

In addition to the operators of the KONSORTIUM, the following artists* were involved in the exhibition: Jessica Centner, Angela Fette, Sven-Ole Frahm, Terry Hagerty, Sascha Hahn, Julio Herrera, Peter K. Koch, Dirk Krecker and Jan Scharrelmann.

The same applied to the “AUTOPILOT” exhibition as to the KONSORTIUM exhibition space: the exhibiting artists installed their works themselves. The spacious hall of Gerry Weber opened up new spatial dimensions for the artists. Large-format wall works occupied a central position in the exhibition. The direct juxtaposition of the works simultaneously created a multifaceted network of relationships.

The project was made possible by the generous support of Gerry Weber International AG.