Members of 701 had the opportunity to see the impressive works in the studio of Judith M. Kleintjes in the Alte Liesegang Fabrik and to talk to the artist for a long time in a cosy atmosphere. Many thanks for that!

The Dutch artist Judith M. Kleintjes studied at the art academies in Amsterdam (Rietveld) and The Hague (Royal Academy) and graduated from the Düsseldorf Art Academy as a master student of Jannis Kounellis.
Since 2000 she has worked and lived in both Amsterdam and Düsseldorf.

Excerpt from Judith M. Kleintjes’ “Research and description of my working process”.
“In my artistic work I investigate the phenomenon of time and space, the relationship between perception and reality, reality and image. My direct inspiration for this is nature. My work is based on the experience of and engagement with the essence of nature. I relate natural transformation processes, the underlying force measurement and energy that determine the final appearance, to my own perception, thinking and acting, my human action. The human being as part of nature. Analysing these processes and reacting to them is a constant source of inspiration for me. Philosophy, poetry and mythology play an important role in this.”